Sunday, August 25, 2013

Tip #20 - How to : Create a Facebook Page

how to create facebook page
Nowadays, having a Facebook Page is a must if you want to expand your fanbase or share your products with the rest of the world. So, whether you represent a business, a celebrity, a band or your local athletic club, use to promote your organization. But, how can i create a Facebook Page? It's easy. Just, follow this simple guide.

  1. Log into your Facebook Profile (you must have one in order to create a page) and navigate to the right of your homepage.
  2. In the More section click Create a Page.
  3. Now, you have to choose a page category, a subcategory and submit information about your page.
  4. Check the "I agree to Facebook Pages Terms" box (i know you won't read them but you should...)
  5. If you are sure about the info you entered, go on and click Get Started.
Congratulations, you have successfully created a Facebook Page. Be sure to visit Facebook Help Center for more information on this topic and to check our article 5 awesome Tips for your Facebook Page Posts.

Comment below and have fun.