Tuesday, July 16, 2013

5 awesome Tips for your Facebook Page Posts

facebook page pic
Maintaing a Facebook page and posting regularly can be a difficult task. Everyone's goal is to get more likes for their post but it's not that easy. Below we share some cool tips for getting the best out of your Facebook posts.
Just follow these simple tips. Your posts should:
  • Be Informative - Share your thoughts only if they are valuable. Posting something uninteresting could lead to losing part of your audience. Of course, don't forget to link to your source of info, if you have any.
  • Be Creative - Ok, sometimes you may not have useful information to share. Just get creative. Post a question to intrigue your fans, giving them a yes or no topic to discuss. Questions usually cause many reactions in the comment section.
  • Be In Time - Yes, there is always a best time span to post on your Facebook Page. It's really crucial to figure out what is the right time to share your posts. Posting in the proper time will lead to more friends reading your post, thus it will be more likely more people to share, like or comment it.
  • Contain Images - Researches have shown that posting visual content contribute dramatically to your post's popularity. So, be sure to use photos and videos in your posts regularly. Needless to say, the visual content should be relevant. No cats, no dogs unless you own a pet shop.
  • Be short - With today's news feeds brimming with posts, people don't have that much time to read a long post. Writing short posts can be a solution. Of course, they should be dense in information.
Following this guide will surely help you create better Facebook Page posts. Read more tips at Postplanner and Getpostrocket.
What are your tricks? Share them in the comment section below.