Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Facebook app for iOS (v. 6.2) - introducing... crashes

facebook apple ios
The new version of the Facebook application for iPhone and iPad is out for almost a month now.
A month? Should I update? Well, wait a sec. Let's take a look at its features.

Old Features

Being the official Facebook app by Facebook, Inc., offers those common features of the previous versions. You can
  • Keep up with your friends easily,
  • Share photos and videos,
  • Post status updates,
  • Get notifications for friends' likes and comments
  • Text, chat, play games and use your favorite applications

What's new

Version 6.2 introduces some new features updating the existing app. Here is an idea of what you get with v. 6.2.
  • Add icons to status updates to show your mood
  • Set the privacy of your sharings
  • Start a new conversation with photos you get in messages
  • Bug fixes
  • Crashes
Yeah, the updated version of the iOS Facebook application is a nightmare for many users. Some people are lucky enough to have just a slow app. For others the app crashes all the time.
The thing is that the application was more stable at previous releases. Adding some useless features made it significantly slower.

So, getting back to your question... No, in my opinion you shouldn't update the app, unless you really need the feature that lets you change who can see something you shared. If you are satisfied with your current version, just wait for a faster and more stable release.

Comment below and have fun.