Thursday, July 4, 2013

Tip #8 How to : Secretly accept a friend request on Facebook

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In a previous post we learned how to have a secret friend on Facebook. Now, we'll show you how you can secretly accept a friend request ( add a friend in secret ). Well, there is no way to absolutely avoid accepting a friend request without other friends noticing. But, if you'd like to accept someone as a friend in the most discrete manner possible, thus hiding your activity from others simply follow the next guide.

Step 1: Accept the friend request hitting "Confirm"
Step 2: Access your profile's Timeline and navigate to "Recent Activity"
Step 3: Click the "X" on the "Now Friends With" announcement and then click on "Hide this Recent Activity Story".

In this way, you will manage to hide your friend acceptance.

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We will also see how can you hide your friends list in Facebook.

Comment below and have fun.

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