Monday, July 8, 2013

10 Best Facebook tips , tricks and hacks for 2013

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In Best Facebook Tips we offer you Facebook Tips & Tricks daily. In this post we list the best tips for 2013. Read the tips below.

  1. Flip your status update - Surprise your friends by posting a flipped status update (text upside down).
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    Visit , write your text update there and copy-paste it to Facebook.
  2. Send SMS through Facebook - Use ChatSMS to send free SMS to your friends anywhere in the world.
    sms pic
  3. Remove Facebook advertisements - You can easily remove Facebook ads with Greasemonkey and Facebook: Cleaner.
    greasemonkey pic
  4. See private Facebook picture in full size - If you want to see a Timeline's profile picture in full size read this post.
    camera picture image pic
  5. Find who deleted or unfriended you on Facebook - Ever wondered why the number of your friends has changed? The app has the answer. Simply connect your Facebook account to find who deleted or unfriended you.
    who deleted me app pic
  6. Have secret friends on Facebook - If you want to add a friend on Facebook and communicate with him/her secretly follow this guide.
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  7. Hide status updates from selected friends - Hiding status updates from certain people on Facebook made easy with this tip.
    hide staus updates from friends facebook pic
  8. Disable Seen Option in chat - With the Unseen add-on for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome you can disable the Seen Option in your Facebook chat.
    unseen plugin chrome pic
  9. Download videos from Facebook - With you can easily download Facebook videos to your Hard Drive.
    downfacebook download facebook pic
  10. Permanently delete Facebook Account - If you ultimately want to delete your Facebook account, simply go to Facebook Delete Account Page and start the process.
    trash can bin pic delete facebook
    Just keep in mind that you shouldn't login to your profile for 14 days. Hopefully, after your account deletion Facebook will get rid of your private information and personal details...

    Suggest your tips in the comment section below. Have fun.