Saturday, July 13, 2013

10 cool Facebook Timeline covers and how to make your own

timeline facebook logo pic
Timeline is the hottest Facebook feature right now. Many people get really creative, making their own photos and customizing their profile, integrating the profile picture with the Timeline picture. Below you will find the best Facebook Timeline covers and tips on how to create your own.

10 Best Facebook Timeline Covers

  • Good old Duck Hunt. Well, I'd prefer to hunt down that annoying dog.
timeline duck hunt pic
  • The Creation of Adam by Michelangelo... slightly altered.
timeline creation of adam
  •  Facebookception. Happy Leonardo is happy.
timeline inception pic
  •  Everybody loves a classic game, especially Doom. Doom is the best.
timeline doom game pic
  •  This guy does some serious thinking.
timeline man thinking pic
  •  This is a valid idea. I would sell my space for 10 dollars/week. If I were popular...
timeline space available advertising pic
  • I'm being suspicious. Are you?
timeline anything to declare
  •  Google+ on Facebook. Now, that's creative.
timeline facebook google plus
  •  Find Waldo, or whatever this guy's name is.
timeline find waldo
  • I think they are communicating... He might even be selling our secrets to E.T. and his friends, the aliens. Please, don't.
timeline et the extra terrestrial

How can I create my own Timeline cover?

Don't worry. It's easy and fun. Below, we have compiled a list of websites and tools to help you make the cover of your dreams and impress your friends.
  • - this service lets you choose from many covers from different categories and then use the editing tool to edit pictures from their site or even upload and edit yours. After you finish customizing your Profile photo and Timeline cover you can download and save them at your Hard Drive.
  • - another awesome service that makes creating your Timeline cover a really cool experience. Simply choose one of the site's cover photo effects(merge profile and cover photo| missing jigsaw puzzle| tear off the bottom edge| profile picture zoom) and select a photo from your pc or use your current Facebook profile photo. I really like the design and simplicity of the service.
  • Do it yourself offline - Follow the link to Hongkiat's website and download the psd template from there. Use a photo editing software like Photoshop and work your magic. After all, you are limited only by your imagination. Good luck.
Hope you liked the tips and got some ideas for your profile. Let me know about your creations and your favorite Timeline covers in the comment section below.