Monday, July 29, 2013

Best Facebook Games of 2013

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I spend a lot of time on Facebook playing games. I know you do this too. Don't lie.

Games and applications are the main reason Facebook reached its staggering amount of users. Whether you play high stakes poker in Zynga's Texas HoldEm Poker or solve a case in Pretty Simple's Criminal Case, you are having some good time for sure.

So, which are the best games of the year? Let's have a look.

Candy Crush Saga

-About the game
Candy Crush Saga is a puzzle game, developed by King. Your goal is to create rows or columns with 3 or more candies of the same color to remove them. You can make special combinations, create special sweets and cobine them to create cool effects and crush more candy. It's a simple yet funny game, following the traditional rules of the games of its genre and is available for iOS and Android platforms.

candy crush saga pic

-Is it popular?
Yes, it is the hottest game out there. With over 45 million monthly active users, it's certain that someone you know is playing. What are you waiting? Crush those candies now!

-Candy Crash Saga on Facebook: App, Fanpage.

Criminal Case

-About the game
Criminal Case is an investigation themed game, developed by Pretty Simple. Your goal is to solve crimes as member of the police force. To accomplish this you have to discover hidden objects and follow some clues. Also, you get to unlock a variety of crime scenes ready for investigation and solve puzzles or decipher codes.

criminal case facebook game pic

-Is it popular?
This game has over 25 million MAU and its popularity keeps increasing over time. You should definitely try it out, if you haven't already.

-Criminal Case on Facebook: App, Fanpage.

FarmVille 2

-About the game
Really? Do i need to introduce this game? The evolution of FarmVille, developed by Zynga. A game where your job is to manage your farm involving various aspects. You get to plow land, plant, grow and harvest crops. Try it. It's addicting.
farmville 2 facebook game pic

-Is it popular?
If Candy Crush Saga wasn't the King(you get the joke...), FarmVille 2 would be number 1 right now. Well, if you add the fans still playing the first installment of the series, it sure is.

-FarmVille 2 on Facebook: App, Fanpage.

Texas HoldeEm Poker

-About the game
The famous poker game, developed by Zynga. Players can participate in various tournaments or cash games and earn virtual chips. There is a social ranking among friends and special gifts and bonuses on or off the poker tables.
zynga texas holdem poker facebook game pic

-Is it popular?
Texas HoldeEm Poker is one of them most popular games on Facebook for the past years. It has a loyal fanbase and keeps attracting new users as well. If you are a fan of card games or you simply want to try your skills and bluff your opponents, join the action now.

-Texas HoldEm Poker on Facebook: App, Fanpage.

Pet Rescue Saga

-About the game
Another puzzle game by King. Your goal is to rescue some pets trapped in a burning building. To do so, you have to remove crates and get animals safe to the ground. You can use fire extinguishers and helicopters to aid you. The game has many levels for the player to go through. Available for iPhone, iPad and Android devices.
pet rescue saga facebook game pic

-Is it popular?
Its 26 million monthly active users prove this game is here to stay. Don't time. Go and save those pets now!

-Pet Rescue Sage on Facebook: App, Fanpage.

Name your favorite Facebook games in the comment section below. Also, be sure to check our post about some old Facebook games we miss and want back.