Sunday, July 7, 2013

5 Useful Tips for your Facebook Business page : The About section

facebook for business image
Nowadays, more and more businesses turn to Facebook to increase their audience and client list. Creating an effective Facebook Business page is really important for your business to shine. Apart from the content and status updates you post to engage your fanbase, you should have an organised About page.
Below you can read 5 cool tips to tweak your About section.
1. Contact details

It's critical to include all your contact details in the About section. Thus, people will have more ways to communicate with you.

2. Detailed product description

Don't just rely on mentioning your 4. Add more than one web addressproducts. It'a a must to have a complete About section, fully detailing your products or services features and how they can benefit your customers.

3. Links! Links! Links!

Don't be afraid to include hyperlinks in your About page. We are living in the web 2.0 era so feel free to showcase your Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, etc account. It goes without saying that you must add a link to your Website ot Blog.

4. Add more than one web address

Many people ask if they can add more than one website in the About section. Of course you can. So, if you maintain 2, 3 or more websites and blogs, go ahead and add links to them. All these websites should have relevant content to the products-services you provide.

5. Explain the reasons of your business existence

Here, you should answer 5 important questions:
i) Why you started your business
ii) When you started your business
iii) What your goals are creating a Facebook Business page
iv) How are you going to accomplish these goals
v) Who is your target audience

Comment below and have fun.