Friday, July 12, 2013

Tip #15 - Tip of the day - How to : Log out of Facebook automatically

Facebook Auto Logout pic
Really useful trick. How many times do you forget to log out of your Facebook profile? A lot you say. It's pretty common. Leaving your Facebook account unattended can lead to various problems. Strangers sneaking in your profile, friends posting embarrassing comments or photos and personal and private details being used by other people are some of the results for not logging out of Facebook. Is there a solution?
 Yes, there is an add-on that solves the problem. The Firefox add-on Facebook Auto-Logout logs you out automatically after a configurable time of inactivity or when quitting Firefox.

After installing the add-on on Firefox, it's enabled by default and you can also change the auto-logout time in the options of the add-on.

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