Monday, October 19, 2015

How to accept a friend request on facebook without anyone knowing

accept secret facebook friends request without anyone knowing
Now, we'll show you how you can accept a friend request without anyone knowing( add a friend in secret ). So, if you'd like to accept someone as a friend in the most discrete manner possible, thus hiding your activity from others simply follow the next guide.

Let's say that a friend of yours whom you want to keep secret from your other facebook friends sends you a friend request. Just follow the next steps to accept his request without anyone knowing.

Step 1: Accept the friend request by pressing "Confirm"

Step 2: Access your profile's Timeline and navigate to "Recent Activity"

Step 3: Click the "X" on the "Now Friends With" announcement and then click on "Hide this Recent Activity Story".

In this way, you will manage to hide your friend acceptance from your Timeline and it won't be visible in your other friends' news feed.

Hope you liked this awesome tip, that ensures your new friend acceptance stays secret.

Also, follow this trick to keep this facebook friend totally secret.

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  2. Thanks for sharing these useful information. It is sometimes really needed to accept someone's request without others to know about this.