Saturday, October 10, 2015

What do the check marks in Facebook Messenger mean?

facebook messenger picture
Most users nowadays use the Facebook Messenger app to communicate with their facebook friends. Maybe you are one of them. Also, you may wonder what those new check mark symbols represent. Has the user read the message i sent him? Will it be delivered? etc. Below, we answer those questions by explaining how the new messenger's system works.
Let's say you type a short message and you hit "send" to deliver it to your facebook friend. Here is what happens. There are 3 scenarios.

1. If the message you sent is delivered by the other user's device then you will see a check mark in a filled-in blue circle just like the one in the picture below.
facebook messenger message delivered

2. If your message is sent but it is NOT delivered by your friend's device you will see a check mark in a blue circle NOT filled-in this time as the next image illustrates.
facebook messenger message sent

3. If you see next to your message a small circle with your friend's face then it means that your friend got the message and read it (message seen). This case is shown in the photo below.
facebook messenger message seen

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Do you have other questions about Facebook Messenger? Ask us in the comment section below and we will be glad to answer them. As always, have fun.