Saturday, September 26, 2015

10 Hilariously Funny Facebook Conversations That Will Make Your Day

facebook for dummies

Ready to have some fun? After some digging into the web i'm bringing you the most hilarious facebook conversations to lighten up your day. Hop onto the fun train people!!!

Here it comes...

1. Facebook is way too hard for some people

wrong facebook comment fun wall

2. W not found, as this guy's brains

w not found funny picture

3. She really does know her animals

squirrels and dolphins reptiles

4. This guy has to go to a spelling contest

dat spelling tho facebook

5. Time is weird, so is this guy

the vastness of time

6. And I really wanted to see her dress

404 dress not found

7. Yeah, elevators are stupid

stupid elevators

8. Escalators too

trapped in an escalator

9. This guy is going places

happiness with y

10. You heard it here first, titanic is real, fb sources confirm it

titanic happened confirmed

Hope you had fun. Share stupid convertations you have found, in the comment section below.