Monday, October 5, 2015

Best Facebook Tips and Tricks for 2015 - Must Read

best top facebook tips tricks hacks pic 2015
In Best Facebook Tips we offer you Facebook Tips and Tricks daily. In this post we list the best tips for 2015. You can find these useful tips and tricks below.

Here is the list:

1. Find who deleted or unfriended you on Facebook - Ever wondered why the number of your friends has changed? The app has the answer. Simply connect your Facebook account to find who deleted or unfriended you.
who deleted- blocked- me- pic facebook

2. Have secret friends on Facebook - If you want to add a friend on Facebook and communicate with him/her secretly follow this guide.
secret facebook friends trick

3. Secretly accept a friend request on Facebook - This guide will show you how to add a friend on facebook without anyone of your other friends finding out.
secretly accept friend request facebook

4. Make your own unique Facebook Timeline Covers - Follow this awesome guide that will teach you how to create a timeline cover to showcase your style.
cool unique facebook timeline covers

5. Log Out of Facebook automatically - If you want to be sure you have always successfully log out of facebook read this tip.
log out automatically facebook

6. Turn Off chat for certain friends - This trick will help you get rid of those annoying facebook friends.
turn off chat annoying friends

7. Discover Hidden Facebook Pages - Did you know that there are some hidden facebook urls? Follow this guide to unveil them.
hidden secret facebook pages urls

8. Clear your Facebook search History - If you are afraid that someone might snoop in your account, you can clear your search history by checking this tip out.
clear facebook search history

9. Find Hidden Facebook Messages - Read this tip if you want to find a secret folder containing messages you have not read yet.
hidden secret facebook messages

10. Fake your Location on Facebook - Trick your friends into thinking your are at a location you are actually aren't by following this awesome guide.
fake facebook location hack