Monday, October 7, 2013

Best Facebook Trick : Fake Location on Facebook

compass pic
You probably know the Facebook Check In feature by now. What you might not know is this trick we present you today, to fake your location on Facebook. So, completing this hack you will be able to check in from whatever place you want and post status updates with your chosen location via mobile, while you are just sitting at your home computer. This trick is really useful if you want to keep your current location secret, prove you were somewhere you actually weren't or simply have fun with your friends. Try it. It works 100%.
For this tip to work you are going to need the Firefox browser and two Firefox add-ons. Follow the steps below:
  1. Add the following add-ons to Firefox: Geolocater and User Agent Switcher.
    geolocater firefox addon pic

    user agent switcher firefox addon pic
  2. Go to Extensions (Ctrl+Shift+A) and on Geolocater click Options. To add your custom location click Geolocations-New and search for the location you want. When you are ok click Geolocations-Switch and then Geolocations-Save. You are now geolocated on the location of your choice.
    geolocater fake location pic
    Here i choose my fake location to be Central Park
  3. Again, go to Extensions (Ctrl+Shift+A) and on User Agent Switcher click Options. There you can select the fake device you are going to use, for example iPhone. Then hit OK.
    user agent switcher options pic
  4. You are now ready to go to
    facebook mobile touch pic
  5. Log into your account on Facebook and post your status update after you have clicked on Check In. You'll notice that you are able to select places or events near the location you chose earlier. Click on the place you are interested in. Done. You just posted an update from a fake location.
Hope you enjoyed this awesome trick. Comment below and have fun.