Wednesday, October 16, 2013

5 Facebook Addons, Extensions and Apps for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome

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I don't know about you, but i use Chrome and Firefox for internet browsing...(who uses Internet Explorer anyway?) I prefer Chrome because it's lighter, but I use Firefox as well because it has a huge variety of addons and it's a more powerful tool for web developing, programming and stuff. Today, we discuss about some Firefox addons and Chrome extensions and apps that will certainly enhance your Facebook experience and make your life on the social networks easier.
Let's get to know these addons.

For Google Chrome:
  1. The first one is the Facebook App for Chrome. It's pretty straightforward. This one is the official Facebook app for Google's browser. You get to do whatever is that you do on the social networking giant, but you access it faster as it simply pops up as you open your browser.
    facebook app chrome pic
  2. Are you in a mood for a change? The second app is called Facebook Themes (Facebook Style Gallery) App and it will blow your mind. With this app you can install astonishingly beautiful themes on your Facebook account. Of course, the changes are for your eyes only. Themes to choose from include Hello Kitty, Assasin's Creed and even Manchester United.
    Facebook Themes Facebook Style Gallery App chrome pic
  3. Photo Zoom for Facebook. Guess what this extension does. It zooms on an image whenever you hover on it, duh. As its developer claims this extension is the best way to view photos on Facebook. It indegrates directly into Facebook so you can see larger images of photo albums, profile pictures and more. Really cool, huh?
    photo zoom for facebook extension chrome pic
          Bonus extension: Fabulous Chrome extension lets you customize Facebook to your needs. Check our           detailed review in this post.
For Mozilla Firefox:
  1. If you want to have your social life organized in one place, Yoono is the way to go. As it's stated in its description Yoono is the #1 downloaded social networking add-on for Firefox. The important feature of this add-on is that it supports most of the dominant networking and instant messaging platforms; Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, GTalk, AIM to name a few.
    yoono facebook addon firefox pic
  2. You know that Facebook gets really annoying sometimes, with irrelevant things popping up on your news feed, spam and ads. As we have stated in the past, you can remove Facebook advertisements with Greasemonkey and Facebook: Cleaner. But today we present to you F.B. Purity, which offers tools to make your Facebook experience better.
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Do you have any add-ons, extension or apps you like and want to be mentioned? Submit them in the comment section below.