Friday, October 4, 2013

5 Facebook Secrets you must know

facebook secrets pic
You browse Facebook all the time doing things most people do on this social networking giant. But, what if i told you there are facebook secrets and hidden actions you can perform? Read the secrets below.
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Here are our 5 best Facebook secrets:
  1. Have a secret friend on Facebook - Yes, you can do it. Simply follow our guide on how to have a secret friend on Facebook.
    secret facebook friends
  2. Accept a friend request on Facebook without letting your friends know - I get it. You want your privacy. So, see how you can secretly accept a friend request on Facebook.
    add friend pic
  3. Clear your Facebook search history - Sometimes, we all search for a friend or a crush we don't other people to know about. So, if you suspect that someone can have access to your profile, you can always clear your Facebook search history.
    clear search history pic
  4. Find hidden Facebook messages - Did you know there is a secret message folder on Facebook? Read our tip on how to find hidden Facebook messages.
    hidden facebook messages pic
  5. Use emoticons in Facebook chat - Yeah, you can this as well. Just click on how to use profile picture as emoticon in Facebook chat.
    emoticons facebook chat pic
Hope you found our collection of Facebook secrets really interesting. Comment below and have fun.