Saturday, September 12, 2015

Tip #32 - How to : Turn off chat for certain friends

chat offline facebook friends tip trick

Today, we discuss how you can avoid those annoying "friends" by hiding from them. Turning off chat(appearing offline) will do the trick. Keep reading.

Follow these simple steps below:
1)Log into your profile
2)Navigate to the chat options on the bottom right corner
3)Click Options and then Advanced Settings...
4)On the pop-up window choose to Turn off chat for only some friends... and write their names in the field.
5) Hit Save and you are done.

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As you can see there are also the options to turn off chat for all friends except... and turn off chat for all friends. Use these options according to your needs.

Remember, the messages of the people for whom you turned chat off(you will be seen as offline) will be sent to your inbox if you want to read them. Comments in the section below.