Thursday, September 17, 2015

Tip #33 - Discover Hidden Facebook Pages/Urls

secret facebook pages urls

Did you know there are some hidden urls/pages on facebook? If you didn't, today we show you how to access these pages and get useful information like upcoming events or friends' birthdays. Keep on reading.
Below we list a handful of hidden urls designed to enhance your facebook experience.

1)The OnThisDay page

Ever wondered what events occured or you had a part in last year or five years ago. Well, this feature will certainly give you some memories to look back on.

on this day pic facebook feature

Just hit and prepare to have a feels trip.

2)Standalone Messenger page

You probably didn't know this, but at you can find the standalone messenger page where you can easily chat with your friends and find every old and new message. Check it out. It has a nice interface and it's really handy.

facebook messenger standalone page
3)Find Upcomng Birthdays

You might know this secret. If you want to access the upcoming birthdays of your friends just go to 
the url

Read THIS if you want to learn how to have secret facebook friends or THIS tip on how to create a secret facebook group.

4)Discover Upcoming Events

If you feel the need of going to a party or an event near you or you are just curious about what's going on the next days navigate to

If you happen to know other secret and cool facebook pages add them in the comment section below. Have fun.