Thursday, July 11, 2013

Who Has The Biggest Brain and other Facebook games we miss and want back

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Prepare to get nostalgic. Those of you being on Facebook for around 5 years may find yourselves remembering the games in our list below, the others just learn what you've missed.
Who Has The Biggest Brain?

who has the biggest brain pic 2This game was FUN. The player was taken through a series of mini brain-challenging games with a final score determining the size of his brain.  These games included visual challenges, various calculations and memory games. Decision speed was important. The faster, the better. After the game, you got a badge indicating what creature's brain you had ( examples: average Joe, brainiac, cyborg, etc). Of course, as it was a Facebook app, it had its social aspects as well. Based on your score, you got ranked among your friends. I remember playing this game hundreds of times trying to get the best score possible and reach the top places. It was really addicting, peaking its popularity in 2008. Doing a fast research i found many people and groups asking for the game to return to Facebook. As of now, Playfish, the original publisher of the app, offers it for download for Android and iOS platforms.
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Friends For Sale

Friends For Sale was simple yet interesting. The application allowed players to buy and sell virtual pets that represented other players. Imagine it as a virtual store of people. The fun part was that these people were your friends.
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Launching in November 2007, it became one of the top Facebook apps of 2008 and peaked at 6.5 million monthly users in 2009. Serious Business, the company that originally developed the game, was acquired by Zynga in 2010.

Bowling Buddies

bowling buddies pic 1Another great game. We have spent too many hours and we have made too many attempts to score a perfect 300... Well, i never succeded. The animation was really cool and the app was simple and fast. You could also customize your character byuing new outfits and other stuff like balls from the store.This game had its social aspect too, as there was ranking for you and your friends.
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One of my favorites. Yeah, i know there are many games out there that you have to take care of pets, but i think this one was special. You got to adopt a puppy, name it, feed it, water it and play with it. The life-like animation helped the game a lot. You could toss the frisbee and the puppy would bring it back. You could pet the puppy and it would make adorable noises. Awww. Now i have to punch a wall to feel manly again. On the other hand, neglecting your puppy would make it starve and feel thirsty. Then, someone of the community could feed it for you. This game was pretty popular in 2008. By now my puppy (it was a rottweiler ) must have starved to death countless times...
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Texas Hold'em Poker

Or Zynga Poker. I know this game is still on Facebook being almost as popular as ever. But... it's not the same. The pop-ups drive me crazy all the time and the apps, ads and plugins of the game make the game experience significantly worse. I just want to play a fast poker game. Bring the old app back. Well, at least make the game simpler.
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Bring the old Facebook Games back!

I have to say that these games were really good at their time. In fact, "Who Has The Biggest Brain" was the reason I joined Facebook in the first place. Also, I still play the occasional poker game.

Comment below about your favorite Facebook games or those that you miss and want back.