Saturday, July 6, 2013

Tip #13 How to : Edit ( change ) your Facebook status update

facebook status imageIt's common to make a mistake when posting a status update on Facebook. The thing is that when you want to edit your status update... well, you can't. You can always delete your update, but that's not a solution and you will also lose your update's likes, comments, etc.

However, there is one secret solution to this problem. Simply, follow this guide.
Important note : This awesome trick works only if your status update contains an image (image attachment).

Step 1: Click on the timestamp of your status update (it's the note in your status update under your name that shows how long ago you posted this update).

Step 2: The picture with the status update loads and under it you'll notice the Edit button. Clicking it enables you to edit/change your status update.

I found this tip at on October 15th: The tip may have been removed from his website.)

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