Saturday, July 20, 2013

5 Tips for staying safe on Facebook

privacy facebook pic
You spend a lot of your time on social networking websites and of course Facebook. So, it's critical to follow some rules to stay safe from threats on the web. After all, privacy is really important for everyone. Below, we share with you 5 good tips to be as safe as possible.
Just follow our guide. You have to:
  • Add only people you know - On Facebook many people that you don't know might add you as friends. Should you accept their requests? NO. Unless, you are completely sure about the friend you add, you shouldn't add a stranger as a friend because that person will then have much more access to your profile updates and posts, depending on your privacy settings as well.
  • Update your privacy settings - Don't forget to change your privacy settings according to your needs. Usual settings include sharing things only with your friends and hiding your photos from others. Also, we have previously showed you how to hide your friends list in Facebook.
  • Use a strong password - Having a strong password (numbers, letters and symbols) will protect your Facebook account against hackers more effectively.  Be sure not to share your password with anyone and watch out for phising attacks.
  • Don't forget to log out of Facebook - It happens sometimes. Just be more careful. If you keep staying logged in on devices that are not your property, follow our guide on how to log out of Facebook automatically.
  • Notify Facebook - Ultimately, if you think your account has been hacked, contact Facebook Security immediately. There is a Security icon on your Facebook page if you need to take action.
So, what are your best tips for staying safe on Facebook? Share them in the comment section below.